⚓ Rowdy Pirate Boy ⚓ ([personal profile] h2no) wrote 2017-04-15 11:58 pm (UTC)

team aqua had no hiring standards other than "do what the admins say." archie got the grunts to believe in him and his plan all by himself.

he also had such lax working hours and standards because archie wanted to give everyone a chance. team magma gave off the impression that you had to be an intellectual, while archie didn't give a shit. he could give you a warm bed and a hot meal and all you had to do was do what you were told eventually.

unfortunately, after the whole kyogre thing, part of what hit archie so hard when some of the grunts left the team was that he knew quite a few of them had nowhere else to go. this is why he claimed he couldn't call himself a leader anymore; he couldn't even provide the basic amenities to those who sorely needed them

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