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Permissions + other info

Backtagging: always! i literally don't have a limit, hit a thread back after a year and i'll still be willing to go with it
Threadhopping: for sure
Fourthwalling: i'm 100% sure that any fourthwalling against pokémon as a series or even archie himself as a character would only be hilarious so yes!!
Offensive subjects: i'll let you know if i'm getting uncomfortable, though i don't have any hard 'no's.

Hugging this character: go for it
Kissing this character: yep
Flirting with this character: hell yes
Fighting with this character: archie is fairly strong and sturdy so he won't be easy to take down, but sure!
Injuring this character: LMAO sure. just let me know if he won't walk it off so i can plan accordingly
Killing this character: i'm down to clown, but talk to me first. i want to know what's happening.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: sure! talk to me so i can tell you what to expect; archie has a lot of guilt after that thing with kyogre. he'll also be very pissed if he finds out and hadn't given prior consent