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CHARACTER AGE: Unknown, presumably early 30s.
SERIES: Pokémon: Alpha Sapphire
CHRONOLOGY: Post the Delta Episode which occurs after the main character has beaten the Elite Four.
CLASS: Anti-Hero. Used To Think He Was A Hero But Was Foiled By A 10 Year Old And Also Failed The Most Basic Science Class. Still Kind Of An Asshole.
HOUSING: I’d like to opt in for random placement!


Archie’s background before the whole Team Aqua she-bang isn’t actually known, just that he used to be “on the same team” as Maxie. Whether this means literally, such as Team Rocket, or they shared similar viewpoints is unknown. The only solid piece of canon for him is that approximately 12 years ago he, along with one of the Team Aqua Admins, had their photo taken with Jirachi, a legendary Pokémon.

Before the events of Alpha Sapphire (his role as antagonist is very different in the sister game Omega Ruby, however this specific iteration of Archie is from Alpha Sapphire) Archie had made his base outside Lilycove City in the Hoenn region. Team Aqua is an already well established team with plenty of resources, so it could comfortably be assumed that they’ve existed for up to several years. Despite Archie’s claim that what he’s doing is for the good of nature, the team routinely terrorize people and steal (including, ironically, Pokémon) from people to further their goals.

Team Aqua is first encountered in Petalburg Woods, trying to steal something from a scientist. It's only a single grunt, but they reveal that Archie is after something in Rustboro City. After travelling to Rustboro, it's discovered that they have stolen the nebulous "Devon Goods" along with an old man's Pokémon. Just so you know they're bastards. The player beats them and saves the stolen Pokémon along with the goods and goes to return them to the Devon Corp, only for them, a ten year old, to be asked by an adult business man to run an errand for him. They are to deliver the goods to a shipyard.

The next time Team Aqua is encountered is in Slateport City. The player arrives to a crowd of Team Aqua grunts waiting patiently in line to enter a maritime museum. Once the player tries to deliver the goods, they learn that the Captain who wanted them is in... the martime museum, resulting in a huge waste of time. Once the Captain is found, Archie himself makes an appearance to see what is taking his grunts so long to rob the museum and kindly lays out his entire plan to the player before leaving mysteriously. It's a while until Team Aqua is encountered again.

Archie's second appearence is at the top of a volcano, trying to use a powerful meteroite in a strange machine. He wants to turn the meteroite into a mega-stone (something that changes a Pokémon's form and makes it a lot more powerful) by using the energy from the volcano. The player intervenes and defeats him in a battle, after which he recieves a call from one of his admins informing him of a better way to achieve his plans. Archie once again gloats to the player, tells them they're legit and peaces out to Mt Pyre, where he will next be encountered.

Atop Mt Pyre, Archie steals the Blue Orb, believing it the key to awakening and controlling Kyogre's power. Kyogre is the legendary Pokémon that lives in the sea and Archie intends to use it's power to raise the sea level of the planet to un do the damage mankind has done to the planet. To drag the plot out even more, Archie leaves without battling the player and they're left to fight Matt before following him back to Slateport.

Finally, the next encounter with Archie is when he makes A Mistake™. The player has chased Team Aqua back to Slateport after Mt Pyre, through their own lair to try and stop the submarine they stole and eventually right to Kyogre's resting place. Several people, including a member of Archie's own team, try to stop him as they realise that what he plans to do would destroy all life on the planet, but Archie decides he knows better and awakens Kyogre. Who then procees to go absolutely batshit and starts to destroy all life on the planet.

Womp womp.

Fortunately, Archie realises that he's made a horrible mistake and is immediately onboard to try and stop the legendary beast. The fight centres on Sootopolis City - a city based in a giant crater in the ocean - that holds the Cave of Origin. This mysterous cave is being sought out by Kyogre to increase its power. For some reason. Despite doing nothing but moping, Archie offers the player a diving suit and some half-assed advice for taking down Kyogre and bids them good luck and try not to die. Of course, the player is victorious in stopping Kyogre and Archie is left with the remains of his team and the crushing guilt of what he had done. Luckily for him, his admins stick by him and he's not left completely alone.

Fast forward to the player beating the Elite Four and the Delta Episode. Archie is not directly involved in the Episode despite one of his admins being a main character and he only appears at the end. It appears that after everything, his guilt over what he had done had only increased and despite the fact he didn't feel like he was fit to call himself a leader, he asks the admin to stay with him to help Team Aqua turn over a new leaf.

For someone who barely pushes past five and a half feet, Archie is an absolutely massive character. Throughout the game he’s extremely loud, hot blooded and over-dramatic in everything he does. Despite this, other than the first threat towards the player when they first meet, Archie is actually fairly affable. He treats the player as an actual rival, which is a stark contrast to Maxie – the Team Magma leader – who generally treats them as an annoying kid. Even when he’s consistently beaten by the player, he acts almost proud to see them able to win, considering he’s a powerful trainer in his own right. Despite being the villain of the game, he’s less vitriolic towards the player than enemy team leaders in other games, something which sets him apart and slightly higher on the moral scale.

It’s not just the player that Archie respects, either. While the previous games had characterised the Team leaders as apathetic towards the wellbeing of their members and using the grunts as tools, it’s made clear that the Team Aqua grunts are treated fairly well. In the Team Aqua base it’s shown that they’re all provided with beds and somewhere to prepare food, in addition to the fact there’s several vending machines around. One grunt also comments that the team in general is extremely laid back and they have no set working hours, making it possible for them to take the day off or have breaks whenever they need them. While this would initially seem like Archie isn’t entirely dedicated to his team and doesn’t care what they do, the fact that they are given this option but still believe in their leader enough to not take advantage of it and do their jobs. Archie isn’t actually shown interacting with any grunts, however many of them comment on how strong he is and how dedicated they are to the cause. It may not be shown on-screen, but it’s easy to extrapolate that he cares about his team.

Despite the fact that he seems to be a fair and competant leader, the fact still remains that Archie wanted to flood the planet. He was arrogant and egotistical enough to assume he could control the legendary Pokémon of the sea and refuses to believe that he could be wrong until the last minute. His own friend, Shelly, tries to tell him that she's personally seen that what Kyogre can do will destroy the planet but Archie dismisses her, assuming her to have given up on his dream. It's this egotism and stubbornness that completely ends up ruining his plans and life and despite the fact he sees the error of his ways, he still claims that he can't give up on his dream. In addition to this, he was willing to order his team to commit crimes to achieve his own ends, which he clearly saw as a means to an end because of how he truly believed that his plan was for the good of the planet.

Moving up from the grunts, Team Aqua has two admins, Matt and Shelly. Shelly has canonly been friends with Archie since they were children and while it’s not stated when Matt came into the picture, both of them are entirely dedicated to him and his cause. Both of them go above and beyond to get to him – Shelly tries to talk him out of awakening Kyogre when she figures out it would be a bad idea and even through Archie doesn’t listen initially, she stays by him when she realises he’s genuinely remorseful post-game. Matt is loyal to Archie to the point that even after he’s abandoned the idea, Matt tries to finish for Archie because he doesn’t like how his leader has changed after realising he was wrong. Admittedly, Matt’s dedication is more extreme, but his misguided actions were born out of loyalty. Hilariously, when Archie actually talks to Matt about what he’s doing, they both end up crying over how much they mean to each other when Matt agrees to stay with Archie through him changing Team Aqua from the ground up.

After Archie’s plot has unravelled, he is unique, again, in the Team leaders that he actually realised what he was doing was wrong and needs to make amends. He says that he cannot give up on his dream, but still knows that he went way too far in believing that he could control Kyogre’s power. It’s also shown through the Delta episode that after the event Archie’s guilt over what he did had been building, even transforming into something like self-loathing. He ends up shouting that what he had done is absolutely unforgivable and he has no right to call himself a leader after the depths he forced his own crew to sink to. Despite this, he still wants to lead the team through a new age – perhaps out of a sense of responsibility to those he’d originally recruited.

Archie goes through a tangible character arc through the entire game; he starts off slightly unstable, willing to go to low lengths to achieve his goal which he whole heartedly believes is for the good of everyone but still treats others with respect. Despite his egotism, he’s a personable and affable team leader who’s garnered the respect of those under him by treating them well, rather than intimidating them into line. By the end of the game, he’s less egotistical and far more self-aware about what he’s done and where he stands in regards to it. He even acknowledges that what he’s done is beyond forgiveness, but deigns to try and work towards it regardless. He may come out of the plot with a variety of personal problems, but at the very least he’s understand the damn water cycle now.

POWER: None of those powers are canon, he’s just a regular ol’ trashcan.

Water adaptability - Archie can breath underwater, see underwater and is immune to water pressure effects. Naturally, this only applies when he's actually... in water.

Pokémon - due to their supernatural ability, Archie possessing his Pokémon counts as a power.

Animal healing - Archie can heal animals, though can't bring them back from the dead or cure the incurable.



Funny story, lads!

[judging by archie’s forced smile, it is not, in fact, a funny story.]

Here’s the thing. So, I’m takin’ my Sharpedo out for some exercise around the harbour and what do you know… it spots some fish it’s never seen before! Crazy, right? Well… I guess not, seein’ as neither of us have ever been here before… [he cuts himself off, frowning briefly.] Anyway! Here’s the problem. Sharpedo is very well trained, but it just couldn’t resist those fish, so it swam off and now I have no damn idea where the fella’s gone.

[if it seems like archie is dragging this out, it’s because he is. admitting he lost a shark in the bay is kind of embarrassing, alright.]

T’put the sail on the boat, it was also mega-evolved! Can you believe that? Of course it was! I—just wanted to let you guys know. If you see an 8ft shark with yellow stripes on it, that’s mine. Don’t go near it. It's a bit more touchy when mega-evolved and those things can tear apart an oil tanker.

Also, how do you get water out of lungs? Askin’ for a friend. Who has also tried doing handstands for ten minutes.