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IC contact

Hey! Water you doin', you missed me! Bwhahahahaha! Leave a message and Archie'll get back to you when Archie deems the time to be right!

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[She felt like she understood where he was coming from and then he loses her for a moment. And manages a small laugh. ]

That's certainly one way to look at it. I feel a little better even just talking about it.
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Mm, yes. Some of us were soldats, working for the soviets, some were in the rebellion and some tried to stay neutral.
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Very fucked up. I hope it never becomes something that actually happens. I know we can view the US in a similar way, but we have a choice in how to live life here.

No. I think I'm just too worried or scared. I don't remember hurting imports but it could have happened in the past of that world. I could maybe try and reach out.

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[She leans into him and is happy for the contact. It's a comfort. She wraps an arm around his front and sighs.]

It just creeps up every so often, like a horrible reminder. I'll get over it given time.

[She shrugs against him.]

I think so? I don't know who because if I did, I'd give them a piece of my mind. I've kind of been avoiding keeping up with anything that might be related to it.
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[She gives him a gentle squeeze.]

If it was you, then you're fired.

Just that everyone is awake and far too many people were taken into it.
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[She looks up at him from where she'd leaned against him.]

This is enough for now. You came over and listened and convinced me to talk to others. I don't think I would have done that for a while.
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[She bats at his hand.]

Archie, you're such a sap!
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Mmhm, sure thing Captain Sap.
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[She lets out a noise to the poke.]

Ah! Yes sir, Captain Sap sir.
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You've done a lot. Just being here and letting me talk has really helped.
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I am. Promise.

[She smiles at him and nods.] Would you?
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You could say that.

My room works. [King sized bed or bust. All the room!]

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